2024 (Short Film)

MAKO, a south London rapper is at the top of his craft and on the cusp of becoming one of the UK’s biggest artists. With millions of views online, a new EP coming out and sold out shows across the country, everyone in the industry wants a piece of him. But when a tragic loss causes him to reconsider what’s most important, industry sharks begin to circle and Mako has a choice to make... family or fame?

Written and Directed by Lincoln Witter and Joe Benjamin Davies

Mako/Isaac - Leon Dean
Tiara/Amy - Ellen Maslin
Charlie - Funso Foluso-Henry
Seb - Daniel Duru
Mum - Christine Bell-Witter


Cinematographer - James Gough 
Camera Assistant - Evan Davies 
Editor - Lincoln Witter 
Sound Recordist - Giannis Mihos 
Colourist - Susumu Asano
VFX Editor - Emma Bayat 

Where it all began:

Chum (2024) is an entirely self-funded short film, written and directed by London based filmmakers Lincoln Witter and Joe Benjamin Davies. 
The film follows the rapper and artist 'Mako' as he journeys through grief after a tragic loss, as well as the minefield that is the music industry. The film was written, shot and post-produced in London UK, more specifically South London, the home of directors Lincoln and Joe. 

The idea for Chum came about in late 2023 when Joe wrote a screenplay about a grime artist battling against the music industry, he then shared the screenplay with his friend and long-time collaborator Lincoln with an idea to co-direct the film. After months of collaboration and many late nights, the script for Chum was ready. The concept had shifted to exploring the theme of grief, and how a rapper at the top of his game would cope during this time under the immense pressures of the music industry. 

The next step was production, and with a micro budget of just £5000 the pair began scouting locations, crewing up and auditioning the cast. Mako is played by established actor Leon Dean and is joined by other talented actors such as Ellen Maslin (Tiara/Amy), Funso Foluso-Henry (Charlie), Daniel Duru (Seb) and Christine Bell-Witter (Mum)

The film was ambitiously shot over three days and with such a limited budget, the crew worked tirelessly to make sure everything was covered, exceeding expectations. The crew was headed up by cinematographer, James Gough, a long-time collaborator with Lincoln and Joe. As well as Evan Davies (Camera assistant) and Giannis Mihos (Sound recordist). The film was edited by Lincoln Witter himself and post production credits also include Emma Bayat (VFX Editor) and Susumu Asano (Colourist).

Chum is now making its way around the festival circuit with the aim of premiering in 2024. If you would like to request a screener link or get in touch, please email Brom Films for more information.